Currently, the Association are continuing several advanced projects initiated by its members during their doctoral and post-doctoral research. These include  the following:

1. Cybersecueity and Cybercriminology

The project has been based on President Dr. Xingan Li’s master’s and doctoral theses, as well as other cooperator’s research. In recent years, the Association have successfully achieved: (1) Publication of the book “Cyber Criminology” in 2017. The book was co-authored by President Dr. Xingan Li and Prof. Dr. Shujun Dong, who have long cooperated in studies and research in the academic field of criminal law and criminology, particularly, in the topics on white-collar crime and cybercrime. The book was published by China University of Political Science and Law Press, Beijing. (2) Publication of the book “Dictionary of Cybersecurity” by President Dr. Xingan Li. The book was published by Bergens Stjerne in Bergens, Norway in 2017. (3) Publication of the book “Cybersecurity and Cybercrime in the 21st Century” by President Dr. Xingan Li. The book was published by Informyth in Helsinki, Finland in 2016. (4) Publication of the book “Socio-Legal Perspectives on Cybercrime by President Dr. Xingan Li. The book was published by Toronto Academe Press in Charlottetown, Canada in 2016.

2. Social data mining

New development has been made after the publication of President Dr. Xingan Li’s doctoral dissertation in 2014. Altogether eight articles were published in top ranking journals in the field. All of these articles were co-authored by Dr. Xingan Li as the first author and a group of professors and researchers of Tampere University.